Would You Buy This House?

A question no one wants to answer

Every TREC inspector, Professional Engineer, and real estate agent will get this question occasionally. I try to avoid answering this question, but some clients will demand some sort of answer. If I have to answer, I simply tell them that I would buy almost any house if the price was right. 

The question changes to the real concern

That usually does not satisfy them. So they reword the question asking if I would buy it for the price they are offering. What they really want to know, in most cases, is whether they will be able to sell the house for at least as much as they paid for it.

TREC inspectors and PEs are not qualified to give financial advice to buyers and sellers

The reasons should be obvious. TREC inspectors and PEs know nothing about their income, their investments, their credit rating, etc. In short, inspectors and PEs have no business giving financial advice. 


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