Slab Foundation Warranties

Slab foundation warranties come in two forms: Ten-year warranties against major structural defects and life-time foundation repair warranties. 

 Ten-year warranties against major structural defects

This type of warranty is normally provided by new home builders. There are several companies that issue such warranties. A major structural defect is usually defined as a defect that makes the home unsafe to live in. An example might be a roof frame that is in danger of collapse.

The fact is that major structural defects are rare.

Foundation repair warranties

These are usually lifetime warranties. They can be very difficult to enforce. They differ from repair company to company. They usually involve paying a fee based on how many pilings need to be adjusted.

What is the purpose of foundation warranties?

In short, the purpose of these warranties is to get a new home buyer to close the transaction. It is not intended to do anything else.

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