Slab Foundation Repair Complaints

The following is a paraphrase of an actual review posted on the Internet. I have paraphrased it rather than quoting it word for word as doing so would require getting the writer’s permission and I have no way to get in touch.  

My buyer had a foundation repair company to come to my home to assess the need for repair in spite of the fact that my house has never shown any scracks or other indications of foundation issues.  The buyer was simply trying to get a reduced price.

The repair company recommended that 20 piers be installed to level the foundation. This repair plan was on a single sheet of paper. No reason was given regarding why  foundation repair was needed or recommended.

I have seen numerous houses that needed foundation repair including some that had been underpinned using more piers than the redommended 20.

In my opinion, the report was false land misleading.

To appease the buyer I retained an independent structural engineer to make a report on my house. he found nothing wrong with the foundation and did not recommend any foundation repairs.

I called the company was told by the general manager that “they are not responsible for what their inspectors quote as they are qualified and have full discretion.”

I also contacted the sales person who did the inspection he had no response to poke to the employee who did the inspection named Clay Attaya who had nothing to say in response to engineering report. I then contacted the general manager to get the cost of the engineering report refunded. He refused to refund any of the report costs.

No matter how you slice this, the company was unethical and can not be trusted.

They may have been colluding with the buyer to issue a false report or they were just after some free money for recommending unneccessary work.

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