Slab Foundation Performance & Brick Tie Failure

Brick tie failure and slab foundation movement

One of the indicators of possible poor foundation performance is brick tie failure. It manifests itself when you push against the brick veneer. If the brick veneer moves perceptively, there is a problem. I would not argue against that proposition. What I do argue against is the proposition that the source of the brick movement is a foundation problem. The real problem in my view is a lack of an adequate number of brick ties or ties that are not properly spaced.

How do brick ties tie in with foundation distortion? The only explanation I have heard of goes like this: In the area around College Station, it was common to not install brick ties when applying the brick veneer. The brick would sometimes fall to the ground. Some people convinced themselves that the source of the problem was foundation movement. 

No one who understands how homes are built would consider that foundation movement is the source of the movement.                            


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