Questions & Answers

How Far Out-Of-Level Is A Slab Foundation Allowed To Be?

How Reliable Are Deflection Calculations?

How Important Is Deflection To Foundation Performance?

What Is A Drywall Stress Mark?

What is Edge Wear?

What Is A Structural Engineer Of Record?

What is a Structural Engineer?

What Is The Best House To Buy Foundation Wise?

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What Is A Cracked Slab?

What Are Lintel Cracks?

What Causes Horizontal Cracks In Slab Foundations?

What Constitutes Positive Drainage?

When Is Foundation Repair Warranted?

When Should A Slab-On-Ground Foundation Be Leveled Or Underpinned?

When Should The Cables Be Stressed?

Where Are The Expansive Soils?

Why Are Post-Tensioned Slabs So Popular?

What Engineers Bring to a Transaction

What Makes Foundation Reports Different

What Makes A Slab Crack Structurally Significant?

Why Bare Ground Is A Problem For Slab Foundations

Why Foundation Repair Contractors Do Not Repair Slab Foundations

Why Inspectors Should Stay Away From The Repair Question

Why Stiffer Foundations Have Higher Elevation Differences

Why Today’s Slab Foundations Are So Much Better Than Earlier Slabs

Why Trees & Slab-on-Ground Foundations Do Not Get Along

Why Would An Engineer Design & Seal A Minimal Slab Foundation?

Why You Want To Avoid Foundation Repair

How Moisture Makes Clay Soils Swell

How Slab Foundations Are Lifted

How Slab-On-Ground Foundations Work

How The Shape Of A Slab Affects Performance

How TREC Inspectors Fail To Craft A Foundation Performance Opinion

How You Can Repair Concrete Cracks Using Epoxy Injection

Important Things To Keep In Mind

Inspections & Investigations

Judging The Competency Of A Foundation Repair Contractor 1

Lifting An Entire House

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