Judging The Competency of a Foundation Repair Contractor

There is no licensing or registration requirement for foundation repair contractors. So it is up to the homeowner to spend some time checking out repair contractors. The most common mistake is to assume that the foundation needs to be repaired.

Offering to provide foundation repair services in areas known to have expansive soils falls within the jurisdiction of the Texas Engineering Practice Act. In simple terms that means that the business entity making the offer must be registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and have a full-time Texas Professional Engineer on staff.   

The first step is to determine if foundation repair is needed.


Take the list of repair contractors and google the name of each contractor with the word reviews and complaints added.  

Just remember that anyone can get on the internet and post anything they want. I normally ignore all 5 and 1-star reviews. Ignore reviews that were obviously written by an employee or a relative.

If you go to the BBB site, look to see how many complaints have been reported. If a repair contractor responds to complaint.   ngs    


Go the Richard Rash website and read enough to get a better understanding of how the foundation repair business works and doesn’t work.





Does the salesperson know the difference between piers and piles?


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