How Foundation Repair Is Sold

When you think about it, foundation repair should be a hard sell. After all, almost the entire slab is covered with carpet or some other floor covering. Foundation repair contractors are not regulated or otherwise licensed or registered like, say, TREC home inspectors, real estate agents or Professional Engineers. 

No doubt, this is one reason celebrities such as Nolan Ryan and Tom Tynan are paid to say nice things about repair contractors.                                  

You cannot see only a very portion of the

Real estate agents & TREC home inspectors need to pay close attention to the following video. The video is around 12 minutes long. It provides a clear look into the business of foundation repair. If you are busy, read my summary below. 

My comments:

The video, titled What to Expect During a Foundation Inspection, is an interview with a person billed to be an expert on foundation repair. The interviewer and the interviewee are wearing shirts that identify them as employees of Dalinghaus Construction. Viewing their website, it is apparent that Dalinghaus is a sizable San Diego, California specializing in foundation repair including slab-on-ground foundation repair.

Gaining the trust of the homeowner

The Dalinginghaus expert begins by describing what he does when he meets a homeowner for a scheduled appointment. He says he typically walks through the house letting the homeowner tell his or her story. This is clearly one way to establish trust. Beyond 

Once the owner has shown the Dalinghaus expert his or her the Dalinghaus expert listens to the homeowner. There is a saying in sales that the salesperson first must gain the potential buyer’s trust. Next, the salesperson needs to find out what the buyer really wants. The buyer may be concerned about floor slopping, drywall cracks, sticking doors, etc. A skilled salesperson discovers what the buyer wants or the problem he or she needs to solve. With this knowledge the salesperson   

The engineering standard ploy

Listen carefully to his description of an engineer’s standard: if there is a difference in elevation of more than 1/2 inch between two points 10-feet apart, there is a serious problem with the slab-on-ground foundation.

There is a serious problem, but it’s with the so-called engineer’s standard: it does not exist in any published form.

How does the alleged engineer’s standard compare to published construction tolerances? Construction tolerances regarding the surface levelness of slab-on-ground foundations allow a difference in elevation of 1.25 inches over 10-feet.

Remember, a construction tolerance is the best you can reasonably expect. 

How is it possible that an elevation difference of 1.25 inches is okay according to the American Concrete Association, yet is a failure needing repair according to the Dalinghaus expert? The Dalinghaus “expert” is clearly no expert at all.


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