HCAD & Slab Foundations

The above table is a facsimile of what you can find on HCAD.org. Notice what is listed under the column tagged “description.” Notice the words: foundation repaired. I have seen other wording that means essentially the same thing: cracked slab, repaired slab, etc.

What does this mean?

Stage one: If someone submitted a letter or similar document that attested to the need for foundation repair, the market value would be reduced. 

Stage two: To get the appraised value of the house down, the homeowner would submit a repair estimate from a repair contractor. 

Stage three: A certification by a Texas Licensed Professional Engineer that the foundation needs to be repaired.

There are solid reasons to be skeptical about a report on HCAD.org that indicates a need to repair the foundation. Just because HCAD says the foundation needs repair or has been repaired does not make it true. Also, just because the HCAD says nothing about foundation repair does not mean that the foundation has not been repaired. 

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