Exposed Cable Ends

What is a cable?

Post-tensioned slabs are reinforced with steel cables that are made for this purpose. The cables are held in place by anchors: one anchor at each end of each cable. 

What is so special about an exposed cable end?

When the cable ends are exposed, rust can set up and damage the exposed anchors. The anchors could fail if they are damaged enough. 

What is non-shrink grout?

Most grout shrinks as it cures. Non-shrink grout gets its name that it does not shrink. If mortar or shrinkable grout is used in lieu of non-shrink grout, it is only a matter of time till the grout or mortar falls out of the anchor pocket. 

What happens if a cable end is left exposed?

If the anchor exposed, the anchor and the cable end will rust. If it gets bad enough, the anchor will fail and the cable can no longer work as it should. Replacing a failed anchor is very expensive and in some cases impossible. While this is not an emergency repair, it should be taken care of.


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