How You Can Repair Concrete Cracks With Epoxy Injection

Do it yourself epoxy injection

I have never used this personally so take it for what it is worth. In my experience, most homeowners have an unrealistic attitude toward cracks in concrete. This video shows how a homeowner can use a kit made for do-it-yourself types.

The video above shows how a homeowner can structurally repair a concrete crack using epoxy injection. Epoxy injection has been around for a long time and, under the right circumstances, it can be effective. There was a time when it was virtually impossible for a homeowner to hire someone to do the work. That is largely true today. The large companies still do not want to work with homeowners. The Texas Deparment of Transportation uses expoy injection for for concete repair. Those who are willing to take on residential are not always the most skilled.

The company selling the epoxy injection system can be found here.

The downsides

First, even if it is as easy as it appears in the video, I do not recommend doing the work yourself. In my opinion, you would be better off finding someone who does this type of repair full-time or at least on a regular basis.

Second, it is often the case that the underlying cause of the cracks is rebar that is rusting. As steel rusts, it grows in volume which results in new cracking. Unless the moisture intrusion can be stopped, the crack can return. 

Third, homeowners need to realistic. All concrete develops cracks. Not all concrete cracks are visible. In my opinion, most cracks in slab-on-ground foundations are structurally benign.

Fourth, epoxy injection is a concrete repair. It is not a foundation repair. Foundation repair always involves piers or piles and foundation repair must be disclosed on the seller’s disclosure form. Concrete repair is not addressed on the Seller’s Notice so it is not obvious to me that the law requires that a concrete repair requires disclosure.

Fifth, the manufacturer calls this a structural repair. Under perfect conditions, I’m sure it is a structural repair. I would advise you not to refer to it as a structural repair. I would suggest that they contact the manufacturer.    


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