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This site provides home inspectors and real estate agents with independent, unbiased information about slab-on-ground foundations.  The information on this site is intended to be used by agents and inspectors for self-learning and, for those who wish, in-house training. We are also available to make in-house sales meeting talks.

Why you need this site

I am reminded almost daily that real estate agents and TREC home inspectors know a great deal about Houston area foundations, but, unfortunately, much of what they know is wrong. There are two significant reasons for this: misleading advertisements by foundation repair companies and misleading information by, unfortunately, some Texas Professional Engineers.

A site like this is needed precisely because there is so much of the information out there that is misleading or flat wrong. Bear in mind that I am not trying to make real estate agents or home inspectors into engineers. That is not possible, desirable or necessary, but most agents and inspectors would benefit from exposure to basic key issues regarding slab-on-ground foundations.

The kinds of things you will learn

Pretty basic stuff: what a slab-on-ground foundation is, how they work, how they (rarely) fail, why they are so common in this area, mistakes that we see home inspectors and agents make every day, mistakes that potentially create unnecessary liability for agents, their brokers, and home inspectors. For a list of all articles, click the articles tab here or on the menu.

The takeaway

If you read the material on this site, I am convinced you can provide a more professional and better service to your clients while making transactions go smoother and incurring less liability.

How to use this site

First, go to the Articles page and click on any article that appeals to you. Agents might want to start with the article titled Three Errors Real Estate Agents Make. Inspectors might want to start with Two Types of Errors TREC Inspectors Make.

Each article is written so you can read and understand it independently of the others, so you can just dive in anywhere your interests take you.

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